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Land Developers, Inc.


LDI provides all design and project management, contract administration and accounting services for land development. This allows LDI to work with land owners to assist them with any level of work they have a need for. We work as an owner’s representative by managing the whole development process while offering the flexibility to allow the land owner the opportunity to be as involved as they desire. 

     We also handle all marketing and sales functions for selling land or finished lots. We have excellent relationships with many builders who are ready and able to purchase developed lots. We also work closely with banks, title companies and real estate brokers to professionally and quickly sell the lots, at or above market value. 

Meet the Team

Jay Stoner, President


 Jay@ldicolorado.com 970-566-4891 

Jay Stoner is the President of LDI. Jay graduated from the University of Colorado in 1977 with a BS degree in Business, emphasizing real estate and finance. Jay’s business accomplishments include managing over five thousand real estate closings, primarily focused on new home and developed lot sales. Jay has also been involved as the principal and manager of seven residential developments and three commercial projects, in and around Fort Collins. All ten projects are complete to the residents/occupants satisfaction and were financially rewarding to investors. Some of Jay’s residential projects include Eagle Ranch Estates, Greenstone, Clydesdale Park and The Hill at Cobb Lake. Jay’s commercial projects include the Austin’s building located at 2815 East Harmony Road and the Advantage Bank building located on the north east corner of Harmony and McMurry. One of Jay’s true motivations is innovation, especially when it comes to sustainable land planning designs and the use of renewable energy. He was instrumental in building the first Leed Gold Certified single family home in Colorado. 

Mark Foster, Project Manager


 Mark@ldicolorado.com   970-573-0956 

Mark Foster began in construction, early in his life, working with his dad whom he credits with teaching him the importance of clear and honest communication, hard work and attention to details. In college Mark designed and built a house for one of his professors and after graduating with a degree in Construction Management, partnered with another Professor and started a custom home design build company. Mark has been a leader of construction and design teams that have built thousands of homes and communities all over Northern Colorado. Mark believes a successful project is one that uses innovation and creativity along with knowledge and experience to maximize its performance and success. Whether communicating with a city planner or a client Mark believes communication must be consistent, honest, clear and real. Every project needs someone who can say “how do we make this work” or “why is that being designed like that” and see issues while it’s being designed. Mark is that person who can see the end result and manage the project to a successful result. 

Jarrod Ashida, VP of Finance



Jarrod@ldicolorado.com 970-415-0228        Jarrod joined LDI in 2018. He holds and bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Northern Colorado and is a Certified Public Accountant.  Previously to this role, he has held accounting positions for a municipality, the world’s largest cattle feeding company, a financial consulting firm and a CPA firm. 

Jarrod has a love for real estate and has been involved in it since he can remember with his father.  With his experience in real estate, he has come to realize that he is much better at accounting than hanging sheetrock, plumbing or wiring a three-way switch.

Jarrod enjoys spending time and traveling with his wife Shannon and their two sons.  He is also on the Finance Board for Church Project in Greeley.

Brett Moody, Assistant Project Manager


  Brett@ldicolorado.com 408-644-0050 

Brett joined LDI in 2018. He received his bachelor’s degree in Church Leadership from Bethany College in Scotts Valley, California. His work philosophy can be summarized with the statement of “Do it right the first time.” Brett’s tradesmen grandfather taught him this and that it takes less time to do it properly the first time than go back and do it right the second time. He has a varied work experience from construction, insurance property damage estimating to public speaking where the common theme is to put organizational order to the complex and chaotic. Brett is thrilled to put his passion for building communities and providing housing to work for LDI. Beyond work he is an avid indoor and outdoor sportsman and a family man who serves in his faith community. 


Golden Eagle Acres- Severance Colorado

Golden Eagle Acres New Homes Severance

Kiowa Park- Wiggins Colorado

Kiowa Park New Homes Wiggins

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River Run at Poudre River Ranch- Greeley Colorado


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Our Services

land development

Land Development

 We have the experience, expertise and contractor relationships necessary to transform almost any property to a fully developed project that is highly valued and sellable. Given the ever-changing market conditions, LDI strives to add value to the projects we manage, while finding innovative and efficient ways to reduce costs. LDI has the flexibility to manage a small portion of the project or the entire project.  This includes design, engineering, entitlement process, competitive bidding, creating the HOA and the physical development of the site.   

real estate consulting

Real Estate Consulting

 We welcome the opportunity to visit with you, the land owner, regarding the highest and best use for your property. With over 40 years of experience, primarily focused on the sale of new home developments, we have an in depth understanding of the Northern Colorado real estate market, including who the Buyers are and what they will be desiring to purchase. We employ a licensed Real Estate Agent. 


Market Research & Additional Capabilities

 The thorough market research we conduct gives our developments a competitive advantage. This translates into financially rewarding results for our clients.  We are also very skilled at marketing and selling the finished product. We maintain excellent working relationships with builders and strive to provide them with current market needs. Our VP of Finance provides valuable management of all the white-collar aspects of development such as financial, insurance and CPA quality accounting services.  

Mission, Values & Purpose


 We effectively and efficiently build community through innovation,  marketing, caring and serving 


 Doing our God given part to make our world a better place, one community, one relationship at a time 


 With our skills, experiences, gifts and passions, we serve our customers with real estate and development services building great relationships and communities 

Core Values & Principles


Caring and Serving through Doing our God given part, is being:

  • Accountable and Honest
  • Good Listeners and Communicators
  • Industrious and Productive
  • Grateful and Appreciative
  • Respectful and Gracious
  • Loyal to Team

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